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in the united states, president obama also sounded confident that the end was near. >> we are witnessing history unfold. it's a moment of transformation that is taking place because the people of egypt are calling for change. >> testifying on capitol hill. the cia director echoed news reports that mubarak would announce his resignation. >> i got the same information that you did. that there's a strong likelihood that mubarak may step down this evening. >> so late into the night, the crowd in tahrir square was already celebrates, moments before president mubarak made that speech to the nation. but afterwards, they were stunned. mubarak told them he would transfer constitutional powers to his hand-picked vice president, omar suleiman. but he did not say he was leaving yet. tahrir square answered him in a furious roar. no, leave, leave, they shouted. >> go out, go out! >> we are here until he goes! >> yet, again, the mood had changed. uncertainty reigned. >> it's not tomorrow morning early. it's to be announced that he is out and the country is clean from him. it's no one can imagine. and no one ca
'll get rid of you? what is their father thinking right now? and how will he respond to president obama's call for him to leave right away? and what will it all mean for your security? your gas tank? your life? >>> and closer to home, states of emergency. a crisis that hits all of us. where have the jobs gone? we'll ask four cash-strapped governors. do they have a plan to save your house? your schools? your pensions? a special edition of "this week" live from libya starts right now. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. from the heart of gadhafi's strong hold, the libyan capital, tripoli. we're among a small group of journalists who have been invited in. as the gadhafi regime tries to put its stamp now on the unfolding story here. as we try to sort fact from fiction, sometimes fact is so much stranger. who could possibly invent the rants and ravings of leader like the colonel? the defecting air force pilots? the libyan diplomats bursting into tears at the united nations? as they take a stand against their leader of 41 years. the tough new sanctions and gadhaf
obama, quite an extensive statement last friday in which he indicated on several occasions that this was an egyptian process, that this was an issue that the egyptian people would decide and that the importance was an orderly and meaningful transition of the presidency and the new direction towards greater democratic and economic and social reforms. ambassador wisner is a recognized, very competent and experienced diplomat as was mentioned by everybody associated to the administration, the spokesman of the -- the white house spokesman, and i'm sure his opinion is highly valued. >> let me ask you, a consensus seems to have come out of the meeting between vice president suleiman, the muslim brotherhood and others that they will form a committee to start talking about amending the constitution, but importantly, that they have agreed to lift the decades-old state of emergency. how significant is that? that, of course, has been responsible for the oppressive political atmosphere and repressive atmosphere here. >> it would be a very significant move. it has been a long-standing d
. they make sacrifices. they make contributions. think it's not fair to vilify them. >>> president obama igniting a national conversation about which americans should feel the pain of the budget ax. with pitched battles going on right now in washington and state houses from florida to wisconsin to california. we me now, the "roundtable." george will, congressman steve suterland, a freshman from florida. he was elected to public office for the first time last november and sent her to washington on a mission to cut spending. abc senior political correspondent jonathan karl and political strategist donna brazi brazile, who calls herself labor democrat. is this is political and philosophical debate going on right now? >> it would have been even in the president hadn't intervened. in the span of three days, he first submits a bumg that would increase the federal deficit. two days later, he mobilizes his own party, organized labor to sabotage wisconsin's attempt to do what he will not do, which is deal with the insolvency of their government. he's set the stage for 2012 by saying the democrati
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)